Empowering you to be the best leader you can be! Transforming your team into a high-impact team!

Maximise your potential!

Embrace your unique talents
and find your winning edge
as a leader.

Get unstuck,
achieve breakthroughs, and
progress towards your goals.

Become the best leader
you can be
for your team.

Build a dynamic, agile, collaborative team
with the ability to adapt
and tackle fast-changing challenges.

Why settle for mediocrity?

You have unique talents and potential. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Maximise your potential to become the best leader you can be.

Are you

  • wanting to lead well but finding it challenging?
  • overwhelmed by the demands of various stakeholders?
  • trying to build a more effective team but don’t know how?
  • making slow progress towards your goals?

There is hope! You can use your talents to make significant progress towards your vision of the future!

Get started today and maximise your potential!

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What my clients say…

Richard helped me discover the answers within me that I would not have realised otherwise. His coaching helped me take ownership of my solutions and move forward.


Our conversations helped me clarify essential issues from different levels and perspectives and determine how to make changes. In the process, I progressed even in areas I previously hesitated to address.


Knowing where you want to go but struggling to get there is frustrating.

I’ve been there.

Sometimes, we are hampered by a lack of skills or knowledge. But more often, it’s because of deeper issues: our beliefs, mindset, and perspectives. Skills and knowledge are easy to acquire, but the deeper issues are harder to overcome.

During our coaching engagement, I will work with you to identify your talents and strengths, uncover issues impeding your progress, and use your talents and strengths to help get you where you want to be.

Growth and progress will not happen overnight. It will take time and effort, but it will happen.

You are investing in your success. When we work together, our focus will be on your goals, agenda, and success!

Looking back at my growth as a leader and all the progress I have made, I wish I had started coaching earlier!


I can partner with you on

Leadership Development

Help you develop your leadership mindset and abilities.

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Team Development

Build a highly effective team that adds value to stakeholders.

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Skills Training

Equip you with the skills to lead and empower your team.

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Why partner with me?

  • 30 years of experience developing leaders. (Read my Coach Profile.)
  • Professionally accredited.
  • Experienced coach-trainer and mentor.
  • I create a safe place for people to learn because they know I will not let them fall. My StandOut® Roles: Teacher // Provider.

I felt his deep concern for me as a person. He encouraged and affirmed my progress and prompted me to face challenges or develop myself to fully live out my calling!