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Increase Your Leadership Effectiveness!

I don’t have to be subject matter expert. I just need to help the person solve his/her own issues.

~ G. Lim, Company Director

I could draw people out and help them to take responsibilities for their lives.

~ Rev. Yan, Pastor

I felt so empowered to be able to help someone gain new perspectives and a shift in mindset.

~ S.M. Leong, Manager

I don’t have to provide answers; I just need to help others discover their own answers!

~ S. Cheng, Team Leader

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The Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders

Revolutionise the way you work and interact with people!

Understand people

Listen beyond what you would normally listen, so that others feel you understand them.

Initiate a change of thinking

Ask powerful questions that invoke reflection and bring discovery and new awareness.

Increase learning and accountability

Feedback and follow-up that increase learning beyond just the immediate situation.

Move people to action

Simple ways to bring progress, and design action steps that will actually be accomplished.