It’s not that difficult, and you don’t have to do it alone!

One major challenge of all team leaders is to keep their teams motivated. A motivated team would not only give their best but also stay together longer.

I was privileged to be with highly-motivated teams and have led several ones too. But not all teams started that way.

One team that I led was particularly challenging because they were already demoralised when I took over as the team leader!

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你或许有听过这句话:“领导就是把任务完成。” 或 “领导就是透过他人把任务完成。”


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It’s not just about the tasks!

You have probably heard the saying that “Leadership is getting things done.” or, “Leadership is getting things done through other people.”

A good leader, however, needs to realise that leadership is as much about the people as about the tasks. You can only succeed as a leader if your team succeed!

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每一天都有许多事务等着我们处理:不仅是那些与我们有直接关联的事情,还包括一些与我们没直接关联的事情。有那么多事情要处理,我们往往会非常地忙碌;有些领导者甚至把 “忙碌” 当成荣誉勋章!

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It’s more important than you think!

Leaders are a busy lot of people.

We are responsible for getting our team (or organisation) to the goals and making sure the team accomplishes its mission. Apart from our primary objectives, we also have secondary responsibilities, like taking care of and motivating our team, among others.

Each day, many things demand our attention: not only those we’re primarily responsible for but sometimes those we are not directly responsible for. With so many things to deal with, we tend to be very busy most of the time; though some leaders actually wear “busyness” as a badge of honour!

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Your mindset affects your behaviour!

Leadership is not just about skills, it’s also about your mindset.

I learned about leadership, at least initially, mostly by observing leaders in real life and, sometimes, from novels, movies, or television shows. The qualities I observed resonated with me, and I told myself that I’d like to be an effective leader like those I have observed.

The problem, though, was that most of those leaders I sought to imitate often seemed perfect. Perhaps they were not actually perfect, but they do seem that way.

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“团队” 这个词对不同的人来说意味着不同的东西。

我与团队领导者及他们的团队协作时,常遇到对 “团队” 有不同的见解。一位领导者可能用这词来代表所有在他之下工作的每一个人,而另一位领导者可能只用这词来代表某些人。

即使在同一个团队里,每个成员也可能对 “团队” 这词有不同的理解;有些甚至与他们的领导者的理解不同。

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They affect what your team look like!

The word “Team” means different things to different people.

When I work with team leaders and their teams, I often encounter different notions of what the “team” really is. One team leader may use the word to refer generally to everyone who works under him, while another might refer to a specific group of people.

Even within a team, each member might have a different understanding of what the “team” is; this might even be different from the team leader’s understanding!

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