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You have unique talents and potential.

Maximise your potential
so you may fully live out your calling!


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Leadership Development

Maximise your potential and multiply your impact!

Leaders today are facing increasingly complex challenges while managing demands from multiple stakeholders. This can be overwhelming, and many leaders find themselves struggling to balance their responsibilities with their personal lives. They want to lead well, make a positive impact, progress towards their goals, and live a life of purpose but often feel like something has to give.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. You have unique talents and strengths that give you a competitive edge that no one else can bring. If you lean on these strengths, you can become the best leader you can be! You can fully live out your unique calling!



Coaching is a personalized and empowering process that provides a safe space for you to explore your goals, mindsets, perspectives, and challenges from fresh angles. This can help you identify any issues that may be hindering your progress. By gaining new insights and making discoveries, you will also find ways to move forward, one step at a time.


What are the requirements?

Anyone could benefit from this service as long as

  • You have a strong desire to grow and improve,
  • You are willing to invest your time and energy,
  • You are responsible for your actions and decisions,
  • You are generally in good mental health.


What’s involved?

Leadership coaching and development typically takes at least 6 months (or longer).

The process will include

  • An initial exploratory meeting to determine whether there is a fit between you and the coach. We will also explore possibilities for moving forward,
  • The coach partners with you to set your growth goals,
  • Coaching sessions twice a month (on average),
  • Final review of progress.

We might use strengths assessments to help you understand your talents and strengths.


or explore some starter packages…

“You will never maximize your potential in any area without coaching. It is impossible. You may be good. You may even be better than everyone else. But without outside input, you will never be as good as you could be.”

~ Andy Stanley,
The Next Generation Leader

You can…

  • Face challenges with confidence,
  • Lead your team effectively,
  • Empower and develop others,
  • Be less busy and yet achieve your goals,
  • Live a balanced and purposeful life,
  • Grow and be a better version of you!




Packages to get you started…

Discover Your Edge

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Understand Your Talents

Thrive at work and in life!

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Leverage Your Talents

Use your talents to thrive!

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Leverage Your Talents (Plus)

Use your talents to thrive!

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Every famous athlete, every famous performer has somebody who’s a coach. Somebody who can watch what they’re doing and say, “Is that what you really meant? Did you really do that?” They can give them perspective. The one thing people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really, really helps.

~ Eric Schmidt, Former CEO & Chairman of Google

Coaching helps you stop the crazy mind chatter in your head that tells you all the time that you’re not good enough.

~ Oprah Winfrey

Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you are a basketball player, a gymnast, or a bridge player. We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.

~ Bill Gates, 2013 TED Talk

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

(ICF’s Definition of Coaching)

I work with you to create an environment that encourages self-awareness, builds confidence, explores possibilities, sets realistic goals, and reinforces progress. The focus is entirely on you!

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