Discover Your Edge

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Discover how you can harness your edge to succeed at work!


You have innate and unique strengths!

These strengths can potentially give you an edge (an advantage) at work. The problem is that many people may not be consciously aware of their unique strengths and, even if they are aware, know the right way to channel them.

If you could understand your unique strengths, you could take advantage of who you already are and show up at your best (and avoid your worst). By leaning into those innate traits that allow you to be your natural best, you can leverage your edge to achieve positive results and succeed at work!

Teams where people say they have an opportunity to use their strengths every day consistently outperform those teams that say they don’t!

This package will help you identify the two StandOut® strength roles that come naturally to you. In the debrief session, you will also receive guidance on harnessing these strengths to distinguish yourself in the workplace.

(Note: “Strength Roles” refers to categories of roles rather than specific job titles or responsibilities.)


Included in this package:

  • StandOut® Assessment
  • Personalised StandOut® Report
  • A 90-minute debrief session
  • Ideas to help you harness your edge at work


Important Note:

After your payment is successful, we will send you further instructions to help you get started, including

  • taking the assessment
  • schedule your debriefing session


About StandOut®

StandOut® was designed by Marcus Buckingham, the author of “Now Discover Your Strength” (with Don Clifton), which propelled the strengths-based approach to developing people into the mainstream.

The StandOut® assessment is a result of decades of research on understanding strengths and their contribution towards work, employee engagement, team performance, etc.

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