Everyone needs a coach.

If you want to take the next step in your development, check out these empowering offerings.

The starter services listed here are just a few examples of what I can offer.

I always customize my services to fit my client’s unique needs and budgets. If you don’t find anything that suits you, I’m happy to schedule a call to discuss other possibilities.

For Individuals

Discover Your Edge

Succeed at work!

Your natural strengths give you an edge (an advantage) in your professional life.

By recognising and understanding your strengths, you can utilise them effectively to achieve positive results and succeed at work!


  • StandOut® Assessment
  • Personalised StandOut®  Report
  • A 90-minute debrief session
  • Ideas to help you harness your edge at work

Understand Your Talents

Thrive at work and in life!

You have unique talents and strengths!

These unique talents make you approach your goals, work, and life in unique ways.

By recognising and understanding your talents, you can develop them into strengths that help you thrive at work and in life!


  • CliftonStrengths® Assessment
  • Personalised CliftonStrengths® Top 5 Report
  • A 90-minute debrief session
  • Ideas to help you leverage your talents and build strengths
  • Option to purchase your personalised CliftonStrengths 34  (Full) Report

Leverage Your Talents

Use your talents to thrive!

Knowing your edge or talents/strengths is just the first step.

You need consistent efforts and guidance to develop and use your strengths fully. A coach can help you understand your talents and strengths, manage and develop them, and thrive with them.


  • Have completed either the CliftonStrengths® or StandOut® assessments


  • Six (6) 60-minute sessions over 3 months
  • Coaching to help you harness your talents at work or in life

Executive Coaching

Be the best leader you can be!

As a leader, you face increasingly complex challenges while managing demands from multiple stakeholders.

You can leverage your unique talents and strengths to help you solve problems, lead well, make a positive impact, progress towards your goals, and live a life of purpose!

I will work with you to:

  • solve problems,
  • deal with leadership and organisational challenges,
  • leverage your talents to deal with situational challenges,
  • achieve business results
  • grow in your leadership capacity,
  • become a better leader!

Tailored to your needs


For Teams

Team Strengths Discovery

Discover your team’s collective strengths!

Your team members are all capable individuals. Their unique talents interact with one another to shape how the team plans, makes decisions, pursues its goals, maintains relationships, or responds to challenges.

Understanding the team’s individual and collective strengths allows it to leverage its talents and collaborate effectively to achieve its performance objectives.


  • All team members have completed the CliftonStrengths® Assessment and debrief


  • A 3-hour coaching session to help the team discover and explore its collective strengths. The team will also arrive at some initial steps to intentionally use its strengths.

Team Effectiveness Assessment

Identify the gaps in your team’s effectiveness.

An effective team is more than the sum of its parts. It is about how well your team completes its tasks, learns, collaborates internally and externally, engages with stakeholders, and more!

A team effectiveness assessment allows you to take a snapshot of your team’s health and identify gaps or areas for improvement. 


  • Team assessment for a team of up to seven people and two key stakeholders
  • Assessment report
  • Briefing session before the assessment
  • A 3-hour debrief and coaching session after the assessment
  • Option to include additional team members or stakeholders

Team Coaching

Build a thriving, high-performance team!

Your team operates in an increasingly complex and fast-changing world.

By leveraging both its individual and collective strengths, your team can learn to collaborate effectively while navigating complex influences and challenges it faces and achieving its business results. 

I will work with your team to:

  • cultivate a work environment that brings out its best,
  • develop better processes for work, communication, and making decisions,
  • learn to leverage its strengths to deal with business, situational, and organisational challenges!

Tailored to your team’s needs