Helping someone without having the answer.

I attended the Coaching workshop for Christian Leaders in August 2018. Richard facilitated the learning effectively.

Workshop participants came from different countries in Asia and served in different ministries. They shared their experiences and, through them, I gained different perspectives on how coaching can help church leaders to work with volunteers and co-workers.

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Discovering the potential and abilities within.

Just like the Bible says that iron sharpens iron, that’s how a man sharpens another. I wanted to get better results, and I realized that I needed some help. If I have a godly mentor, I will be able to ask questions, seek guidance, and reach better results. I saw in Richard a good opportunity, and was honored that he was willing to be my coach, because of his experience in ministry.

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How one leader felt empowered through coaching.

Over the years I have always been passionate about using technology in ministry and leadership development. I had multiple roles, which meant leading two teams at some point. Developing my leadership capacity was a major area that I wanted to grow in because I was spreading myself too thin, finding it hard keeping up with prioritizing, and ministry was not getting easier. It was time to get some help.

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