Your Team Has an Implicit Contract, and You Might Not Like It

It Hinders Your Team from Doing Great Things!


Your team is like an orchestra. Each member, who are talented individuals, brings their unique talents and contributions to the team.

Imagine an orchestra with members who have different understandings of how they should play together. A beautiful piece of music can quickly descend into cacophony! This is the danger when a team allows itself to operate under implicit contracts.

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Why Your Team Needs a Contract Now

A Simple Step to Stop Team Dysfunction


“We want to start working together instead of discussing how we should work together.”

The new team leader I worked with told me the above when we were planning how they could use their first team meeting time meaningfully.

When my daughter started working, the team she joined briefed her on all the technical and ‘business’ stuff but said nothing about how the team works together. They expected her to figure it out as they went!

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