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Team Development

Helping your team thrive in a complex and fast-changing environment

Most organisations depend on teams in their operations.

In today’s increasingly complex and fast-changing world, teams must navigate the complexities while creating value for stakeholders. In addition, many organisations require multiple teams to collaborate. To do so effectively, a team must go beyond individual performances and towards collective performance.

With the help of Team Coaching and a combination of training and facilitation, your team can unlock their full potential and achieve exceptional collective performance! 


Team Coaching

Team Coaching allows your team to explore issues that affect their collective performance. This process helps the team to recognise various influences on its performance. Many of these influences come from outside the team and affect its internal dynamics, relationships, and interaction with its stakeholders. By learning to manage these influences, individual and collective performance will improve.

The Team Coaching process is tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of your team.


What are the requirements?

Most organisations (commercial or not-for-profit) can benefit from this service as long as

  • The senior management supports the team development initiative,
  • The team has the freedom to make changes within its responsible areas,
  • The team size is between 5 and 12 members,
  • The team remains fairly consistent in size and composition throughout the initiative,
  • The team leader and members are willing to engage in individual coaching,
  • The team and relevant stakeholders are willing to undergo diagnostics that will provide valuable insights for the team.


What’s involved?

Team coaching and development will need at least 6 to 12 months.

The process will include

  • Initial discovery discussions with the team leader, team members, senior management, and key stakeholders,
  • Team coaching sessions every 2 to 3 months (or more frequently, depending on the team’s needs); each session could be 2 to 4 hours,
  • Individual coaching with the team leader and all team members,
  • Initial, mid-point, and end-point diagnostics and review.


How to get started?

Simply schedule a call with me, and we will explore possibilities and figure out the best way forward for your team.




Help your team to

  • Navigate complexities and fast-changing challenges
  • Develop better processes for work, communication, and making decisions
  • Work effectively with other teams
  • Function with a clear sense of purpose
  • Be ready for the future!


Team coaching focuses on helping the team collectively achieve the team’s work, in terms of both task work and team work, through sustained professional dialogue that raises the individual and collective level of reflection and self-awareness, and challenges the team’s thinking and behaviours as they develop their own sustainable solutions and practices.

(EMCC GLobal’s Definition of Team Coaching)

I work with you and your team to create an environment that encourages self-awareness, builds confidence, explores possibilities, sets realistic goals, and reinforces progress. The focus is entirely on you and your team!