How one leader felt empowered through coaching.

Over the years I have always been passionate about using technology in ministry and leadership development. I had multiple roles, which meant leading two teams at some point. Developing my leadership capacity was a major area that I wanted to grow in because I was spreading myself too thin, finding it hard keeping up with prioritizing, and ministry was not getting easier. It was time to get some help.

Somehow I knew I needed some kind of a mentor/coach to keep me on my toes and help me multiply my ministry impact. In March 2014, while attending a technology conference in Asia I was introduced to Richard, a leadership consultant who offered to be my coach. We built rapport and started coaching meeting via Skype.

My idea of coaching was challenged. I thought there was no difference between a sports coach and coaching an emerging leader to be all that God wanted him to be. Throughout our conversations it was more of empowering me than pouring out advice and counsel based on his years of experience.

As far as he was concerned the answer to my question lies within me. Richard asked me some powerful questions that drew out those answers that I would never have imagined. All I needed to do was to trust the Holy Spirit to work through me. Coaching gave me ownership of my solutions, next action steps and area of focus.

We focused on what I wanted to achieve at every coaching appointment. It was initially difficult because I had expected my coach to solve my problems. Richard carefully guided me until I found a head way. This was a paradigm shift for me. I remember struggling with some ministry assignments and how we talked about prioritizing. I decided to focus on what was important and delegated the unimportant stuff. I learned to how to say ‘no’ to distractions, engage the right people to work with, listened for feedback from my teammates and led effectively. I got more results!

Having seen productive results over these years, I have started taking steps to help others through what I learned. Recently, I was invited to coach four emerging leaders by a renowned Christian organization through this year. So I am now equipping myself to become a professional coach because it changed my approach to life.



“Coaching gave me ownership of my solutions, next action steps and area of focus.”

Moses O.

Regional Technology Leader, CCCWA


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