Discovering the potential and abilities within.

Just like the Bible says that iron sharpens iron, that’s how a man sharpens another. I wanted to get better results, and I realized that I needed some help. If I have a godly mentor, I will be able to ask questions, seek guidance, and reach better results. I saw in Richard a good opportunity, and was honored that he was willing to be my coach, because of his experience in ministry.

There were some things going on in my ministry that I wasn’t sure how to handle. I shared some of my problems during our coaching sessions and, through Richard’s questions, realised I already have the tools to approach my leaders and share my thoughts. Richard’s questions helped me recognise my own perspective, analyse the situation differently, and figure out ways to approach it respectfully and in a godly manner.

I eventually had crucial conversations with my leader and those I worked with, and worked through the problems. I gained confidence as a result!

Sharing my thoughts during our coaching conversations, and reflecting through my coach’s questions, helped me figure out what I could do. More than that, it helped me see that I have the ability to handle the situation!

As we worked through my challenges, I was reminded often that it wasn’t about how a Singaporean or Costa Rican think, or what our cultures are. He kept reminding me that it’s about principles, and what the Bible says, no matter what situation I have. That became the foundation of my current way of thinking: no matter the situation, to put God first and remember what the Bible has to say.

That’s one specific and helpful thing that coaching has done for me: to bring the truth into my life!

Apart from my growth in confidence, God has also reminded me that he has given me tools, gifts, and talents. I can now communicate better with my leaders and co-labourers. If issues or problems show up, I now have greater confidence in finding answers to deal with them.

Richard’s coaching has been a blessing to me. I hope I will be able to coach someone in the future.



“Apart from my growth in confidence, God has also reminded me that he has given me tools, gifts, and talents.”

Sebastian S.

Ministry Leader,
Costa Rica


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