What do my clients say about my coaching?

My coaching can help you find breakthrough! Here’s what my clients say:

“Richard’s questions helped me recognise my own perspective, analyse the situation differently, and figure out ways to approach it respectfully and in a godly manner.”

– Sebastian S., Costa Rica

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“Throughout our conversations, it was more of empowering me than pouring out advice and counsel based on his years of experience.”

– Moses O., CCCWA

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“He was a superb coach, facilitating discussion, asking insightful questions, diagramming ideas, and wonderfully helped to create clarity in several complex issues. I am thrilled by what we accomplished.”

– Ric P., AppDev

“Richard has been so servant-hearted and wants me as a leader to succeed. He has helped me better link our use of statistics to our strategic planning. He asks really great, often challenging questions to get me thinking in new directions.”

– Andrew B., PTC Australia



– Phoebe L., Taiwan

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“透过几次的教练,Richard 帮助我察觉,在发展领袖方面常有一些信念上的挣扎;我必须认真地去思索并对付挣扎的原因,才能在发展领袖上有所突破。能发掘自己在领导上要突破的盲点,是很令人兴奋的事!这使我在列下自己的发展计划过 程中,内心充满盼望!”

– H.M., Ministry Leader

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– Anav., Mission Worker

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