• Direct less, empower more, and multiply your impact!
  • Significantly reduce your stress and busy-ness, while still seeing results!
  • Revolutionise the way you interact with people!
  • Increase your leadership effectiveness!
  • Host your own workshop
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Increase the Leadership Effectiveness of Your Senior Executives and Managers

Help them become less directive, more empowering, and develop a transformational leader’s mindset.


Revolutionize the way they work and interact with people!

Leaders who integrate coaching skills into their roles see significant advancements in their impact and effectiveness. They

  • get better results while working with people,
  • are more effective in developing people in skills and capacity,
  • are more effective at accomplishing organisational outcome,
  • are less stressed,
  • and more!


Increase your organisation’s strength

Market research showed that organisations that invested in a coaching culture where leaders, managers, executives, and supervisors integrate coaching skills into their roles reap the following benefits and more:

  • Increase productivity by up to 88% (1)
  • Increase employee engagement by up to 20% (2)
  • Improve customer experience by as much as 450% (3)
  • Increase retention of talents
  • Improve peer-to-peer working relationships


Integrate powerful coaching skills into the way they lead!

It is not a new program for your organisation. Neither is it another thing to add to your leaders’ already busy schedule. It is an impactful approach to interacting with people. It is a more effective way of leading.

This workshop is very practical and highly-interactive, with lots of skills practice built-in. It is not a lecture.


Not just the basics…

The Coaching Workshop focuses on helping leaders, managers, executives, and supervisors integrate coaching skills into their existing management and supervision roles.

After the intensive, highly-interactive, workshop they will be able to:

  • Let others feel understood,
  • Help initiate a change of thinking,
  • Move people to action,
  • Increase learning and accountability,
  • Develop the mindset of a transformational leader,
  • and much more!


Note: The Coaching Workshop is a 14 hours training that can be conducted online (4 mornings or afternoons) or in-person (2 full days).


Tens of thousands of leaders from both for-profit and not-for-profit organisations worldwide have already benefitted from the workshop!


Who is this Workshop for?

If you work with people, lead a team, group, or organisation, and would like to get better results from those whom you work with, then this workshop is for you.

This workshop is especially relevant for executives, managers, supervisors.

Even if you don’t have an official title of “leader”, this workshop will still help you enhance every relationship you have!


Host Your Own Coaching Workshop

If you’d like to have The Coaching Workshop for your company, organisation, or even your group of friends, please contact me for details on arranging a workshop at your location.

(Note: This workshop is offered only with special arrangements by companies, organisations, or groups. It is not available as a public seminar.)

Contact me about the workshop



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